In the morning of February 28th, 2017, Thai Nguyen Craft Villages Association oranized a meeting on "Summarizing the work in 2016, direction,tasks and solutions in 2017" at the hall of Thai Nguyen Department of Industry and Trade.


Attending the meeting were Mr. Bui Quang Huan - Chairman of Thai Nguyen Craft Villages Association, Mr. Phan Ba Truong - Deputy Director of Department of Industry and Trade – Permanent Vice Chairman of the Association of Craft Villages Mr. Hoang Van Dung - Deputy Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development - Vice Chairman of the Association of Craft Villages, Farmers’ Association and representatives of the Division of Economic and Infrastructure of the districts, cities and towns.

Overview of the conference

At the meeting, Mr. Bui Quang Huan- Chairman of the Provincial Association of Craft Villages reported summarizing the work in 2016 to the delegates. With the efforts of the Executive Committee of the Association, permanent agencies, the Craft Villages Association has completed the assigned tasks by the province, contributing to the growth in the production value of the handicraft industry in the province, exceeding the targets in the program for developing industry, cottage industry and craft villages. On the development of craft villages: In 2016, the province recognized 34 villages, raising the total number of craft villages recognized by the province to 196 trade villages and traditional craft villages, of which 174 tea growing and processing villages account for 88.78%; 10 food processing trade villages account for 5.1%; 05 wood carpentry villages account for 2.5% and 04 bamboo and rattan villages of 2.0%.

Currently, Thai Nguyen province has 02 craft villages which are assigned as national craft village, 05 craft villages are assigned as provincial craft villages and 01 member is awarded as the craftsman of
craft villages. In particular, the province recognized 37 typical rural and industrial products, raising the total number of the products recognized as 89 products, including 15 products of the craft villages and the members of the Craft Villages Association in 2016. For the implementation of projects supporting craft villages: implementing the Resolution of the Party Central Committee 7, 10th term on agriculture, farmers and rural areas, the Craft Villages Association completed 02 projects “Supporting in implementing the model of craft village” and reached 100% as planned in this year.

Together with the work of supporting craft villages, the Association of Craft Villages paid attention to the trade promotion activities of craft villages through collaboration with the Trade Promotion Center to nominate representatives of craft villages, enterprises and cooperatives to participate in trade fairs, workshops, training courses, enterprises supporting programs in order to enhance the capacity of product design and development; Through the training courses, members will be able to see the need for trademark registration, trademark protection, registration of food hygiene and safety, codes, barcodes and practice the good production process to improve the quality and value of products, having the belief in customers.

Implementing the tasks in 2017, the Craft Villages Association agreed the main content of the resolution of the 2nd Executive Board of Thai Nguyen   Craft Villages Association, In the period of 2016-2021, it wills contruct two craft villages models in the province; Organizing 02 training courses on propaganda and dissemination of State policies on developing craft villages and increasing the management capacity of the craft villages, raising the quality of handicraft products, building and protecting the trademark of craft villages in the trade promotion activities, focusing on supporting craft villages to participate in trade fairs, developing the model of craft villages, guiding the villages to stabilize the organizational structure and personnel of the Management Board; operating according to regulations to improve the capacity and efficiency of village management, encouraging to register the business household, setting up cooperative groups, cooperatives and enterprises to start business and provide public services for craft villages.

 Mr. Nguyen Ba Truong- Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Trade- Permanent Vice Chairman of the Provincial Craft Villages Association spoke at the conference



Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Phan Ba Truong, Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Trade, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Craft Villages Association highly appreciated the efforts of the Association in 2016, simultaneously he directed the Association to effectively implement the program for developing industry, cottage industries and craft villages in Thai Nguyen province in the period of 2016-2020, developing handicraft and craft villages must be associated with economic restructuring and community tourism, contributing to creating jobs, increasing incomes, and preserving traditional craft, sustainable job development must go hand in hand with environmental protection, promoting the application of advanced science and technology to improve the product quality, building and developing the trademark in 2017. 

Collaborator of Trade Promotion