Everyone knows that cigarette smoking is harmful to human health. Even every packet of cigarettes is inscribed a warning that “Smoking is bad for health”. Therefore, it is not accidental that the propaganda of no smoking, even smoking ban in public places is increasingly being promoted in all sections of people. However, the number of smokers in the country in general, Thai Nguyen Province in particular has a high proportion with the increasing rejuvenation, making the prevention of tobacco’s harmfulness difficult. Therefore to make the prevention effective, it is necessary to have the participation of the whole society and all sections of people, not only the own work of any organization or individual.
According to the scientists’ research, tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 substances, most of which are toxic. Among those include over 60 of the carcinogen, particularly nicotine is the most dangerous. Smoking is the cause of 25 different diseases, such as: Lung and esophagus cancer, tuberculosis, heart disease, stomach ulcers, osteoporosis, etc. Smoke continues to rise in developing countries. It is estimated that one billion people has died of tobacco in the 21st century. According to the GSAT Viet Nam 2010 investigation (the global survey on the adults using tobacco), the proportion of male and female smokers is 47.4% and 1.4% in turn, and 76.6 % of nonsmokers getting secondhand smoking. According to WHO, in Viet Nam, 40,000 people die of tobacco-related diseases every year. By 2030, this figure could rise to 70,000 people per year.
In order to promote the implementation of the Law on prevention and control of tobacco harms, Thai Nguyen Department of Industry and Trade in collaboration with the Center for Research and Community Development Services (CDS) and Thai Nguyen Media Center for Health Education held a workshop to propagandize, introduce the Law on prevention and control of tobacco harms, measures to control the tobacco supply, conditions to ensure the prevention of tobacco harms. The tobacco business units were required to comply with the contents of the Law on prevention and control of tobacco harms, to limit the advertisement and marketing, and not to trade in contraband tobacco. At the workshop, Deputy Director of Thai Nguyen Department of Industry and Trade, Deputy Head of the Program Steering Committee Nghiem Xuan Nguyen said: “The activity of trading in contraband tobacco is still problematic now. The violators are increasingly sophisticated. They fiercely resist when authorities check, arrest and confiscate goods. It is required that the relevant agencies must closely coordinate, tighten the management of business activities, gradually removing smuggling”.
 “Tobacco is harmful to health” - There has had the concrete evidence of tobacco harms to public health. To make the Law on prevention and control of tobacco harms feasible and strictly implemented, it is time to perform more drastic measures synchronously. In particular, sectors and levels should promote the propaganda, dissemination and education of the Law on prevention and control of tobacco harms and the implementation guiding documents to all the people with the diverse types of propaganda so that people raise their awareness and follow self-consciously. Smoking in the state agencies should be prohibited completely. It is necessary to apply the strict sanctions to violations. Take action for a smoke-free community./.

Collaborator of Trade Promotion