Chief of Inspectorate:
Mr. Vu Thai Phuong
Tel: (84-280) 755292
Mobile: 0912489605
Regitered staffs: 5

a) Function:

- Assist department’s leaders on administrative and professional inspection and verification within scale of state management in the fields of industry and commerce under the provision of law.
b) Responsibility and authority:

- Directly guided by the department’s leaders, guided by Province’s Inspectorate on assigned tasks and by Ministry’s Inspectorate on porofessional competence.

- Make investigation, programs, plans within function and authority of the department.

- Inspect and verify the implementation of policies, laws, tasks by organizations and individuals under management of the department.

- Inspect and verify the execution of professional laws by organs, organizations and individuals under the management of the department.
- Lead, coordinate with functional divisions to inspect and verify according to the plan or suddenly in fields of:

+ Inspect and verify Commerce, service.
+ Inspect and verify periodically and suddenly to firms and enterprises who trade in limited or conditioned commodities.
+ Inspect and verify industrial and small-scale industrial production.
+ Inspect and verify periodically and suddenly to firms and enterprises who uses machines, materials strictly required safe labor at work; equipments, machines, harmful materials required specific safety (industrial profession, hygen safety foodstuffs in common kitchens of enterprises).
+ Inspect and verify exploitation and minerals procession industries; trading in supplying, storing and using industrial explosive materials.
+ Inspect and verify electrical useage and activities.
+ Inspect and verify market management.
- Report on result of the inspections, make conclutions and suggestions or solutions under authority.
- Coordinate with province’s and functional inspectorate to inspect and verify related fields.
- Guide and examine on implementation of state’s mechanism, policies in industrial, commercial activities.
- Settle complains, accusation according to Law of Complains and Accusation.
- Guide people to follow rights and duty to complains, accusations; consider, ascertain, conclude the complain, accusation of citizen under authority of the Administration Inspectorate.
- Inspect, verify and deal with violations on industrial, commercial activities in the location according to provision of law.
- Implement the inspectation and verification activities according to againts corruption law and implementing savings against squander law in industrial, commercial activities.
- Report results from inspectation and solutions for complain, accusation and anti-corruption under management of the Department.