Department of Trade and Industry cooperated with Office of Energy Efficiency – General Department of Energy, Ministry of Trade and Industry to hold the conference on instruction of labeling for energy-use equipments and facilities for representatives from localities, enterprises, households, management agencies in the province on November 1st. Attending the conference were representatives from Ministry of Industry and Trade and Thai Nguyen Department of Industry and Trade.


Panaroma of the workshop

Labeling energy will orientate for consumers to select high efficiency energy products, limiting using energy-intensitive products; and improving competitiveness for products, therefore, the earlier enterprises participate in, the more benefits they get. Energy label includes 2 types: Certified energy label and comparison energy label. Certified energy label has symbol of saving energy labeled on facilities, equipments of which the performance meet or exceed regulations of Ministry of Industry and Trade according to each period. Comparison energy label is labeled for facilities, equipments with different performance levels, corresponding to labeled year.

At the conference, representative from Office of Energy Efficiency – General Director of Energy, Ministry of Industry and Trade introduced on laws on using energy economically and efficiently, how to recognize different types of energy labels, role of labeling energy labels, etc. Many ideas have been discussed to agree on the necessity of labeling on energy facilities and equipments to make contribution to stabilize the socio-economic development for localities.

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