Function and responsibility of Import Export Management and International Commerce - Economic Integration Division

Manager: Mr. Duong Huy Khai
Tel: (84-280) 651018
Registered staffs: 6

 a) Function:
 - Assist to department’s leaders to manage import-export activities; international commerce – economy intergration in the location under the provision of law.
  b) Responsibility and authority:
  - Guide and examine the implementation of mechanism policies on import-export commodity; plan and propose solutions for import-export development of organizations and individuals in the province. - Organize, guide to implement policies, plans, programs and projects for booting commodity export, import-export services in the province.
  - State management on commodity import-export activities of domestic, foreign invested enterprises and traders without representative office in Vietnam at province. - Organize, carry-out concrete plans, programs and detail solution on economic integration, international commerce in the province after being approved.
   - Preside over and cooperate with related organizations to guide and carry-out plans, programs and regulations on economic integration, international commerce of province.
 - Collect and build up programs, plans and concrete solutions on international economic cooperation, economic integration - international commerce of province.
 - Organize, implement on registered establishement of representative offices, branches abroad for business men who register head office in the province, register and examine activities as registered of representative offices, branches of foreign business man under the provision of law.
 - Collect, make report on import-export activities in the province; propose amendment on import-export policies, solutions on developing exports that meet real demand in the province under the provision of law.
  - Carry-out other tasks assigned by department’s leader.